Explore the international market, He Saudi Usually water ax M7 smart washing machine-Car wash SHUIFU machine

Hanno Engineering Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in foreign trade of crude oil, total mine 29 July 2014 Hanno Engineering Co., Ltd., the person washing Equipment Co., Ltd. HANGZHOU SHUIFU CAR WASH, accompanied by the sales manager, visited the production workshops, assembly plant, debugging platform on plant size and technical strength are considerable recognition. After personally experience the cleansing effect of SHUIFU CAR WASH machine, smart, fast, and efficient car wash, Ray always very satisfied, then arranged for engineers in our factory in-depth study. 

August 26, 2014, by nearly a month to inspect SHUIFU CAR WASH M7, eventually finds SHUIFU CAR WASH M7 intelligent non-contact automatic washing machines, and the company signed export contracts.

SHUIFU CAR WASH machine in the country has a good reputation, has now successfully sold to the overseas countries and regions, the export of Saudi Arabia, but also for SHUIFU CAR WASH machine adds a new country in the territory of foreign sales. For SHUIFU CAR WASH concerned, to enter the international arena another milestone, but also marks the product quality and technical innovation SHUIFU CAR WASH machine has been recognized by domestic and foreign customers, SHUIFU CAR WASH machine to the world but also a step forward. 

SHUIFU CAR WASH machine so far to the overseas 15 countries, Venezuela, Brazil, Malaysia, Bolivia, Russia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Angola, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Chile, Panama, the Sudan, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia. 

SHUIFU CAR WASH adhere to continuous product innovation to meet customer demand; to a hard product quality to effectively protect the customer's use, SHUIFU CAR WASH GT step at a time, relying on quality and technical innovation to create a resounding, it has a certain international competitiveness The non-contact washing machine brand, and is unique in the washing machine industry. 

Here, the HANGZHOU SHUIFU CAR WASH Equipment Co., reiterated: SHUIFU CAR WASH machine HANGZHOU SHUIFU CAR WASH only a manufacturer, have independent intellectual property rights, the name of SHUIFU CAR WASH banner on the market are counterfeit goods, please the majority are ready to buy washing machine Customers recognize authentic "SHUIFU CAR WASH" brand.

2017-06-21 10:35:58