SHUIFU AXE OVERHEAD Touchless car wash machine catalog (English)


Shuifu AXE parts include bridge, trolley, L arm, bridge rail, vehicle positioning and guiding device, bottom spray arm, side spray arm, ultrasonic detection system, automatic chemical system and card reader(optional).

1.Bridge: Bridge moves on the two 8meters rails, and the bridge moves the L arm front and back.

2. Trolley: Trolley moves the rail in the bridge and moves the L arm left and right. The rail is built-in non resistance oil free lubrication

suspension type industrial guide rail with features of high safety&stability. Hanging wheels use PU materials guide roller, imported bearings with long-life span and maintenance-free features, standard servo motor.

3. L arm: L spray arm makes vertical rotary motion on trolley. Top arm has 5pieces (F1-F3) high pressure 304stainless steel spray nozzles, side arm has (G1-G11) high pressure 304stainless steel spray nozzles. The spray arm makes left&right movements and rotations to wash every corner of vehicles.

4. Bottom spray arm: The bottom spray arm is at the entry of the washing house with 4 pieces high pressure 304stainless steel nozzles.

5. Side spray arm: Side spray arm is at the two sides of the car wash entry, each side with 4pieces high pressure 304stainless steel nozzles.

6. 4sets ultrasonic sensors on ground and 1ultrasonic sensor on bridge for vehicle body checking and wash guide.

7. Chemical system: three color foam for cleaning sands, shampoo for cleaning oil dirt and wax for helping drying and shining cars.

8. LED sign: LED sign has voice system for guiding car wash.

9. Card Reader is optional. 24 hours self-service car wash is possible by using factory card reader system.